NALSAR Mediation & Negotiation Competition

Team comprising of Ms. Antara Choudhary (BA.LLB 1st year),Ms. Daisy Pallavi(BA.LL.B 1st Year) and Ms. Saathi Mukherjee (BA.LL.B 3rd Year) participated in NALSAR Mediation & Negotiation Competition. The three of them qualified up to quarter finals.
Ms. Saathi Mukherjee was given Global Academy for Alternate Dispute Resolution Scholarship(G.A.A.D.R) on the basis of her performances by The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (P.A.C.T)

ALSA International Moot Court Competition

Team comprising of five students were selected on the basis of their memorial and represented Lloyd Law College for ALSA International Moot Court Competition, 2019,Bangkok, Thailand. Team comprised of:
• Sourav Karmakar (BA.LL.B 4th Year ) • Ajit Kumar (BA.LLB 2nd Year) • Antara Choudhary (BA.LL.B 2nd Year) • Daisy Pallavi (BA.LL.B 2nd Year) • Shubhangi (LL.B 2nd Year)


Client Counseling competition/ ADR National Tournament

Team comprising of • Ms. Saathi Mukherjee & Dhruv Srivastava (BA.LL.B 4TH Year & LL.B 2nd Year respectively) • Barun Deori & Muskan Singhal (BA.LL.B Second Year students) • Tabassum Sahanaz & Vineeta Tiwari (LL.B 1st and LL.B 2nd Year respectively)
participated Negotiation, Med-Arb and Client Counseling competition respectively in Amity ADR National Tournament, 2019, organized by Amity Law School, Noida. Team comprising of Ms. Saathi & Mr. Dhruv and Mr. Barun and Ms. Muskan reached quarterfinals in their respective competitions

Lex Bonanza Competition

• Barun Deori (BA.LL.B 2nd Year) participated in Lex Bonanza organized by and was adjudged the Runners Mediator of the competition.


Lex Infinitum Competition

• Team comprising of Syed Asif, Barun Deori and Ajit Kumar (BA.LL.B 2nd Year students) participated in Lex Infinitum V organized by V.M Salgaocar College of Law, Goa and were awareded the award of ‘Spirit of Lex’.

2nd RGNUL Sports & Entertainment Law National Mediation Competition

Team comprised of – o Sanjivan Mohanty (LL.B 2nd Year) o Tabassum Sahanaz (LL.B 1st Year) o Dhruv Srivastava (LL.B 2nd Year)
The negotiation pair consisting of Mr. Sanjivan Mohanty and Mr. Dhruv Srivastava qualified for quarterfinals out of 34 teams. Dhruv Srivastava was awarded the scholarship for Global Academy on Alternate Dispute Resolution (G.A.A.D.R) by The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (P.A.C.T) on the basis of his performance in the competition.