The very first inaugural workshop organized by this cell was on the topic – ADR & its emerging trends.

We were grazed and blessed to have Mr. Tariq Khan (Senior Associate, Advani & CO) and Ms. Jayashree Parihar(Associate, PSL Advocates and Solicitors).

The workshop was taken up in two segments. First session was taken by Ms. Jayashree, she is an experienced who at PSL Advocates & Solicitors is part of the ADR cell and deals with the real life scenario of ADR and is well-versed in the field. She graciously first explained the students of Lloyd what ADR actually means, How it is an upcoming field and why the need of ADR is suddenly a trend. She easily surfed through the doubtful faces of students and clearing their doubts without breaking a sweat. She kindly explained the students the provision of the Arbitration Act, and gave real life examples of an Arbitration issue. Alongside the explanation about ADR she also explained its perks and How ADR as a field is one for the future.

After the brilliant first session by Ms. Jayashree, second session was taken up by none other than Mr. Tariq Khan. Mr. Tariq has accomplished so much as such young age and is an inspiration to all young generation lawyers. In his session Mr. Tariq smoothly explains about ADR. He also explained about the current situation of our Judicial System, that how they are overwhelmed with tons of cases coming in everyday and how ADR helps in smoothly transitioning of that burden of the courts. ‘ADR helps take that load off the courts and assists them by solving the matters’ said Mr. Tariq. He even mentioned the perks that come along with becoming an arbitrator. The workshop was handsomely done by both of our distinguished speakers who brilliantly explained ADR and its knowhow. Students who attended the workshop left happy and with a lot more knowledge about the topic than they previously held.

Soon after our inaugural workshop the LADRC held a mediation and negotiation competition for our students. Handsome number of students participated in the competition. It was rewarding to see that students had done their fair bit of research on the competition. The aim of the competition was to find and nurture students and train them for the next step i.e. Competitions. Students had participated in both mediation and negotiation and were not afraid to showcase what they had. With the help of our judges we were able to pick out the students who will not only be trained in aspect of competition but overall development of those students will be done. Just as students are being helped in their journey in ADR, taking baby steps as they go another competition is being arranged for them which is an Arbitration Moot Competition. As we all might know Arbitration is one of the most important part of ADR, MNC’S, big corporations and big industrialist have arbitration clause included in their contract. Arbitration is huge part of the corporate world. Due to its importance and relevance to ADR, LADRC have organized Intra Moot competition for our students which is to be held on 8th Feb’19.