Lloyd A.D.R Center(LADRC) organised a second workshop for BA.LLB 1st Year batch on two topics i.e. Business Model Drafting & Role of a client in an arbitration proceeding and client counseling.

On 13th February, 2020, Lloyd A.D.R Center (LADRC), organized a workshop exclusively for BA.LL.B and LL.B First Year Students.

The workshop was undertaken by Faculty Cordinator Prf. Asadulla Iqbal and Student Coordinators Ms. Saathi Mukherjee and Mr. Dhruv Srivastava.

The main objective of the workshop was to familiarize the students with the concept of Mediation and Negotiation in regards to National and International Competitions. The workshop began with Prof. Asadulla Iqbal explaining to the roomful of students the basic concept of Mediation.

After explaining the basic ideology surrounding Mediation, Professor handed over the platform to the Student coordinators.

Mr. Dhruv Srivastava started off with explaining the stages of a mediation proceeding and was subsequently joined by Ms. Saathi Mukherjee on the stage to explain the role of a mediator in a mediation setting. Dhruv explained the stages of the mediation and the role of the client and a counsel in a mediation session. The student coordinators handled the inquisitiveness of the students with calm and answered their questions to their complete satisfaction.

After explaining of the mediation setting and the role of respective parties in a mediation session, a mock session of mediation was organized for the students where the ADR cell members demonstrated the basic essentials required and exercised in a mediation setting.

With the conclusion of the mock session, the workshop came to an end. It was an honor of ADR cell to have conducted a successful workshop for the students followed by a wave of registration for the upcoming intra.